What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is simply when you utilise social media to gain traffic and attention to your website.

Why is it important? Social media brings traffic and traffic turns into leads (money). Plenty of people rely on google or foot traffic for a brick and mortar store and do not pay attention to social media.

But why would you do that? There is no answer as to why you wouldn’t utilise social media! Everyone should be doing it. Social media is in a way free adverting you can post whatever you want and have it seen bu thousands possibly even millions?

The trouble people have is that it does not come over night. Now days we want to see results of our effort and with social media at the start you do not see results and without the right strategy you will never see results! Which is why lots of people give up too early.

Wouldn’t it be good if someone could do this all for you and generate traffic without you having to lift a finger?

What can social media really bring you?

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Social media can be your traffic generator but it can’t run automatically it needs a eye for details and constant analysis of what is working and what isn’t.

If you get everything right the rewards are tremendous you will increase business reputation and brand awareness every single day and will constantly be in front of the eyes of thousands and each one of though’s eyes are potential customers!

Social media isn’t just for established business either! It works even better with new business’s, everyone wants to try the new kid on the block but if they don’t know about you how are they going to try you? Socials can really kick start a business.

The only downside is that you might grow so fast you cannot keep up!